Love Your Neighborhood

Habitat for Humanity helps families build homes, but it also works with families to improve living conditions and quality of life within neighborhoods. Habitat for Humanity Pulaski County has launched a program to assist current homeowners with exterior home preservation, yard improvement and select home repairs. Projects include painting, landscaping, weatherization and minor repairs.

Examples of projects that may qualify for assistance:

Landscaping – Trimming bushes, planting new bushes, flowers and trees

Cleaning out gutters

Repairing, adding and painting porch and ramp railings

Painting shutters

Adding, painting or repairing porch columns

Removing debris

Other exterior work that meet our criteria

To qualify for assistance, the applicant must:

  • Elderly and/or a veteran incapacitated to do the work themselves
  • Have household income below 60% of HUD Area Median Income per family size
  • Have paid their property taxes in full
  • Have occupied the residence as their primary residence for the past five years
  • Have current homeowners’ insurance
  • If there is a mortgage it must be current
  • Unable to afford the repairs without assistance
  • Mobile homes must be permanently fixed to owned property